Bacardi Limited

Are you an inventor or IP broker and believe your invention can be of interest to us?

Bacardi welcomes your packaging, liquid or method of consumption submission. We aim to give you feedback within six weeks.

We have particular interest in solutions for:

Liquid & Processing

  • New mouth feel sensations
  • New methods or processes for producing alcohol
  • Natural preservatives and antioxidants stable in alcoholic beverages
  • Device to measure aging process parameters real time in wooden casks and barrels
  • Ways to preserve shape and color of leaves and/or fruit pieces for months

Packaging & Dispensing

  • New container materials: alternatives to known glass, PET, aluminum and plastic pouches
  • Breakthrough packaging components: alternatives to known containers, closures, labels, gift boxes, cartons and pallets
  • Ways to keep a cocktail separate in two or three parts until time of consumption
  • UV protection for transparent flint glass at affordable cost
  • Self-cooling container at affordable cost

We are not interested in the following areas:

  • Cocktail recipe suggestions. We rely on our professional mixologists and beverage scientists to convert consumer insights into great tasting drinks
  • Simple 'ideas' that are in a conceptual stage and not yet developed or implemented in a specific way

In order to protect both parties' interests, you need to follow the three-step approach described below:


First Approach

You need to describe your invention,
without disclosing confidential
at this early stage. A relevant
submission needs to answer for instance the
following questions:

  • What benefits does the invention provide to our consumers?
  • Was a patent filed?
  • Are some prototypes available?
  • What is the estimated cost?
  • If you are a company, please provide us with an overview of your business


Confidentiality Phase

If our Innovation Team believes
there is an interest for Bacardi to further
investigate your invention, you will be
asked to sign a mutual non-disclosure
before sharing confidential
information. By signing this document, both
parties commit to keeping information
related to the invention confidential for a
limited period of time (typically 3 years).

Both parties can then safely share
confidential data and assess the possible
application of the invention to some of
Bacardi's products.



Once we are convinced about the potential success of your invention combined with our products, both parties will enter into a negotiation phase and formalize how the partnership should be set up. Several
options can be envisaged,
including: acquisition of
intellectual property,
licensing of intellectual
property, supply of goods,

Describe your invention.

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  • STEP 1

    First Approach

    Describe the invention in the window below (max. 3,000 characters)

  • Before you submit the framed description above, you should make sure that you are aware of, and expressly agree to, Bacardi's strict policy regarding unsolicited inventions as reflected in the following statements. By ticking the box below, you will have agreed to these statements and only by doing so will you be able to effectively and validly submit your invention:

    I am of legal age in my country of residence and have full capacity to submit information through the present webpage. I do agree to also provide when asked personal details (e.g. name, address.)

    I am not a current Bacardi Group employee.

    I understand that the information I am disclosing will be reviewed and evaluated within Bacardi by designated people only.

    I submit information that does neither disclose any kind of confidential information nor breach any confidentiality obligation I am under vis-a-vis third parties.

    By disclosing such non-confidential information I do solely rely on my own possible IP rights and do not grant any rights in such IP to Bacardi, other than for evaluation purposes only.

    I recognize that Bacardi may already be working independently on the same invention as covered by my submission.

    I agree that it may take Bacardi up to 6 weeks before replying in writing to me with its feed-back on my submitted invention

    I understand that if my submission is considered of interest to Bacardi, I may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.