MARTINI® vermouth and sparkling wines - the world’s leading vermouth and the world's favorite Italian sparkling wines

The award winning, vibrant and bittersweet taste of the MARTINI range is the result of secret blends of more than 40 botanicals sourced from the finest locations across the globe.

The story of MARTINI is 150 years of Italian passion. From its birth in Turin in 1863, it took on the world and succeeded. It became an icon, a symbol for those who love to live their life with style.

Martini & Rossi was founded by a combination of three very different personalities. Alessandro Martini was a gifted salesman, Teofilo Sola the dependable accountant, and Luigi Rossi, creative herbalist and liqueur expert. Any one of them could have made a solo bid for the company, but in the spirit of collaboration, they pooled their talents instead. Their motto 'Volere é Potere' (where there is a will there is a way) set them on the path to global success.

Energy, passion and dedication guided MARTINI on its incredible journey from its origins in Italy to New York, Brazil, Egypt, Hong Kong and beyond. By 1903, MARTINI had become one of the most international brands worldwide; reaching 70 countries across all continents.

The brand’s relation with the culture has always been part of the communication. Famous artists like Marcello Dudovich and Andy Warhol designed the most iconic posters campaigns to celebrate its style. During the 90’s MARTINI created some of the most celebrated and memorable advertising campaigns of the time.

MARTINI has become a symbol of Italian glamor and sophistication.


Today, MARTINI is the market leader of the category. It continues to be innovating and daring in its attitude.

Visitor center

Museum of Enology

Pessione, Italy

The Martini Visitor Centre is part of Martini & Rossi’s facilities in the village of Pessione where Martini has been produced since 1863. Pessione is 20 km south-west of Turin.

The Martini Visitor Centre’s location at this historic production site means that visitors can enjoy a unique learning experience that goes to the very heart of this famous brand. The cellars of Casa Martini, an early 19th century country mansion, house the treasures of its famous History of Winemaking Museum (one of the most interesting in the world in terms of the wealth of its collection). The museum opened in 1961 and consists of 16 rooms with more than 600 artifacts on display dating from the 7th century BC to the present day.

The Museum can now boast a new sensory display area, the Martini Experience Room. This room provides a fascinating sensorial experience of the living matter that actually goes into the company’s best known products, namely the Martini range and its Spumante. Here, visitors can run their hands through samples of the herbs, spices, flowers, fruits and roots which form part of the closely-guarded secret of the Martini recipe. Staff members are present for guided groups in this section which is further illustrated with a series of films.

Since 2005 the culmination of any visit has been to the “Mondo Martini” exhibition, a captivating tour through more than 150 years of company history and the Martini brand.

Hundreds of objects and archive documents are available for public viewing and, combined with multimedia technology, create an absorbing interactive experience. An especially fascinating part of the exhibition is given over to Martini’s renowned publicity initiatives: artist-commissioned posters from the late 19th and mid-20th century, TV commercials, the “Terrazze Martini”, music, art exhibitions, literature and sports sponsorship, and their enormous contribution to building the brand’s greatness. The exhibition traces the history of the Martini brand from the resourcefulness of the company’s two founders, Alessandro Martini and Luigi Rossi, to the present day.

Martini is justifiably considered to be one of the ambassadors of Italian-made products as well as one of the most recognizable trademarks worldwide. The Martini Store & Bookshop has a wide assortment of branded souvenirs and the entire range of Martini products to provide the perfect reminder of an unforgettable visit.

For enquiries please contact: Cristiana Fanciotto: +39.011.9419217,


Visitor Information

Piazza Luigi Rossi, Pessione 2,
fraction of Chieri (Turin)

Contact: Tel: +39 011 94191

Free admission max 25 people – or 50 two-shift

For groups over 10 persons please submit by fax in advance the date, time and the number of people visiting free.


Hours of Operation

Free Guided Tours

The Museum is open to the public at the following times:

Tuesday to Friday from 14 to 17
Saturday and Sunday from
9 to 12 and 14 to 17