D’USSÉ Cognac Appoints New Cellar Master, Agathe Boinot

April 4, 2024

Boinot succeeds D’USSÉ founding cellar master Michel Casavecchia, becoming the youngest female cellar master of the major houses in Cognac.

HAMILTON, Bermuda – D’USSÉ Cognac is proud to announce Agathe Boinot as the second cellar master in its history. She succeeds the brand’s founding cellar master Michel Casavecchia, who retired earlier this month. The appointment sees Boinot become the youngest female cellar master of the major houses in Cognac—a testament to the modern vision that D’USSÉ was founded upon 12 years ago.

D’USSÉ has transcended the age-old conventions of Cognac and become a cultural icon under Michel’s tutelage. He redefined the limits of the category and his lessons will be forever with me. Becoming cellar master is a great responsibility and I am honored at the chance to uphold the brand’s heritage while bringing my own passions, expertise, and philosophies to the next chapter of D’USSÉ. In this position, I will champion representation for women in Cognac, who have played an important but largely invisible role. I aim to bring visibility to our work, inviting more women and younger generations to Cognac’s possibilities in the process.”

Agathe Boinot

A Parisian native, Boinot studied oenology and held various roles in the wine and spirits industry in her early career, encompassing vodka, whiskey and gin. She was captivated by the allure of aged spirits and became drawn to the enigmatic world of cognac.

Boinot perfected her craft at the historic Chateau de Cognac, mastering the art of blending, aging and tasting. As apprentice to Casavecchia, she’s been preparing for the role of cellar master for seven years, immersing herself in the sensory symphony and style of D’USSÉ. Now, she will oversee D’USSÉ’s generations of eau-de-vie and the techniques and traditions of the house to lead the Cognac’s production and innovation.

Developing a new Cognac is every cellar master’s dream, and developing D’USSÉ was the honor of my lifetime. Agathe has worked tirelessly to understand the brand’s fundamental character and spirit. With her unwavering commitment to tradition and passion for new discoveries, I trust she will carry on this legacy and usher in the next generation with a courageous and contemporary sensibility.”

Michel Casavecchia

D’USSÉ was founded by Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter and family-owned spirits company, Bacardi, and was conceived by Michel Casavecchia in 2012 for today’s versatile palate. The portfolio includes the super-premium VSOP and ultra-premium XO, which were designed to be enjoyed neat or in cocktails. In 2021, the brand released its most premium offering yet, the 1969 Anniversaire Limited Edition, which was produced from a single eau-de-vie and retailed for $10,000. As the modern expression of Cognac, D’USSÉ is the fastest growing brand in the category, gaining share over U.S. competitors year over year (IWSR).

Michel has left an undeniable mark on the present and future of Cognac. We thank him for his incredible vision and look forward to the exciting work Agathe will lead during her tenure.”

Jennifer Pisciotta, Global VP of D’USSÉ

D’USSÉ [dew-say] is a bold new expression of Cognac that dares the palate like never before. Born from the prestigious Chateau de Cognac, France, D’USSÉ blends over 200 years of tradition with the inspiration of a passionate Cellar Master who set out to create his own legacy. The D’USSÉ Cognac range consists of VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) and XO (Extra Old) qualities.

For more information please visit www.DUSSE.com

The D’USSÉ® brand is part of the portfolio of Bacardi Limited, headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited.