Ignacio “Nacho” Del Valle

Regional President – Latin America and Caribbean

If variety is the spice of life, then Nacho has had it in abundance during his 23 years with us.

Nacho became Regional President of Latin America and Caribbean in 2017, following 20 years of making his mark leading teams in commercial and production functions across markets within the region. This includes roles as Country Manager for Central America and Managing Director for South America, as well as leading CARICAMAR, which included the Caribbean, Central America, and the Andean countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

As a company with Latin roots, Nacho is proud to run the region of the original homeland and to bring the family culture and values to life in everything he does. Nacho lives in Panama City; however, you can often find him visiting one of the many offices and distilleries across the region.


The BACARDÍ® Pintado, made with BACARDÍ® Carta Blanca, sparkling water and a splash of cola.”


It’s tradition for my team and I to end each business year with a toast of BACARDÍ® Ocho.”