Meet Mauricio

Mauricio Vergara

President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of D’USSÉ®, PATRÓN® and ILEGAL®

Mauricio has built a legacy of success at Bacardi with a career that has spanned leadership roles across the globe from Mexico City to Miami to London to Sydney and Bermuda. In 2020, Mauricio brought his spark of magic to take ultra-premium PATRÓN® tequila, which has already taken the U.S. by storm, to international expansion. In 2021, Mauricio expanded his remit to also focus on the global growth of super premium D’USSÉ® cognac.

In his previous role, Mauricio served as Managing Director for Bacardi-Martini Australia and New Zealand and, for the past year, wore two hats leading the international integration of PATRÓN® and setting the foundation to accelerate Patron International expansion and growth. Prior to this, Mauricio deftly managed our commercial businesses in Latin America and the U.S. and led two of our biggest brands, BACARDÍ® and GREY GOOSE®.

He joined Bacardi in 2013 as Vice President, Global Commercial and Customer Marketing, and has since served in leadership positions across marketing, commercial and general management.

Prior to Bacardi, Mauricio held various global and regional marketing roles at Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, SAB Miller and Brown-Forman.

Mauricio is now based at our global headquarters in Bermuda. He also spends time at the PATRÓN headquarters in Switzerland, where the snow-capped peaks are an interesting change in scenery from the stunning, sandy beaches of Bermuda.


A PATRÓN® Spicy Margarita that takes me back to my Mexican roots.”


A ‘simply perfect’ weekend BBQ with friends and family and PATRÓN® Palomas.”