Kathy Parker

Chief Marketing Officer PATRÓN® tequila and GREY GOOSE® vodka

Kathy has a track record of creating amazing possibilities for brands and people. She uses her innate ability to unlock untapped potential in the businesses she leads in order to deliver transformational growth. She lives life with a sense of fun, a smile and a strong team are always at the core of her leadership.

A visionary in her field, Kathy’s built an enviable career within the spirits and consumer goods space with some of the best brands in the business. She joined Bacardi in 2020, to take on a spirit marketer’s dream job at the helm of GREY GOOSE® and PATRÓN®.

In her role at Bacardi, Kathy courageously infuses the two super-premium brands with bold ambition, engaging audiences with aspirational and memorable experiences that evoke deep brand love. With her entrepreneurial spirit, appetite for disruption, collaborative approach, and results-driven leadership, she embodies the best of Bacardi culture.

Prior to this, Kathy had a stand-out career at Diageo and Unilever, where she served in several senior marketing, brand, and innovation roles.

Kathy is now based at our global headquarters in Hamilton, Bermuda, where she enjoys the balance between an invigorating career and idyllic beach getaways with her family.


GREY GOOSE® Le Grand Fizz a fantastic drink for all occasions.”


The first Bermuda sunset with my husband and son. A PATRÓN® margarita toast to new beginnings. Simply perfect.”