Environment at Bacardi Limited

Bacardi’s commitment to being corporately responsible extends into every aspect of our business.

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For Bacardi, environmental sustainability is good business – an approach that dates back to the very beginning of the Company more than 150 years ago. Bacardi founder, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, opened his first distillery on February 4, 1862, in Santiago de Cuba. When building his business, he utilized the Spanish government’s challenge to reduce surplus amounts of molasses in Cuba, leading to the crafting of BACARDÍ rum. Repurposing old whisky barrels to age his rum was also part of the founder’s original plan, a practice still in use today.

Our sustainability commitment has grown over the past 150-plus years and we are proud of the voluntary actions we have taken to be an industry leader in environmental performance in our operations. We recognize the environmental impact of producing our products and have implemented procedures to continually improve efficiency. Key potential areas of impact include:

  • Water use: fresh water is fundamental to our business and we recognize the importance of water conservation.
  • Climate change: the fossil fuels we consume in our value chain process: operating our facilities, manufacturing our products, and transporting them to our customers, create greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.
  • Waste: effluents and waste from our operations need to be kept to a minimum as well as the use of our materials in bottling and packaging to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Our Approach

In FY16, our priorities were to see an improvement in water use efficiency, a reduction in GHG emissions, install our third biomass boiler at our distillery in Royal Brackla, reduce our waste to landfill, expand our Green Champions network, and maintain our “Triple Crown” certifications under ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

In FY 14, Bacardi launched an ambitious environmental initiative called Good Spirited with specific goals in sourcing, packaging and operations by 2022. The initiative covers more than 160 markets, including 75 offices and 29 manufacturing and bottling facilities, touching every employee. Within Operations, we have focused on energy, greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste. This complements the efforts in our Responsible Sourcing pillar and their focus of sourcing and packaging.

Moving Forward

Our targets are aligned with our initial Good Spirited goals, which will conclude at the end of calendar year 2017, though some goals continue until 2022. Our environment leaders are currently exploring how we can maintain the momentum created since Good Spirited was launched and build upon its successes. As we look ahead, we will work both in our own facilities and with our suppliers to reduce impacts and risks across our whole value chain. We will also be ensuring our targets support the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and the expectations set out in the COP 21 the Paris Climate Conference.