Targets & Progress

The table below shows our progress against targets for fiscal 2019. Full details of our performance can be found in the sections for each of our Corporate Responsibility pillars.

FY19 Marketplace Targets FY19 Marketplace Progress

Maintain percentage of active priority country responsible drinking initiatives and increase robustness of these initiatives.

In FY19, we supported responsible drinking initiatives in 89% of priority countries such as the United States, France, and Spain.

Provide consumers access to product nutrition information in more countries

Nutrition information for more brands and countries continues to be added on an ongoing basis, including most recently for Germany, Russia and Belgium

Launch marketing compliance e-learning module to enhance training experience

All new Primos in Marketing receive responsible marketing training during onboarding. To improve the training, marketing compliance e-learning module was developed and will be launched in 2020.

Launch and communicate the New Global Marketing Principles to all company employees.

The 4th edition of the Global Marketing Principles was launched with strengthened digital marketing guidelines and communicated to all marketing teams.

100% of marketing agency contracts in compliance with the Producers' Commitments.

100% of marketing agency contracts are in compliance with the Producers' Commitments.

100% of traditional and digital media placements have at least 70% minimum legal drinking age audience.

As calculated by our media agency partner, we continued to place 100% of traditional and digital advertising in mediums with at least a 70% minimum legal drinking age audience. Often, these numbers are more than 90% for both traditional and digital advertising.

Ensure all five safeguards of IARD’s Digital Guiding Principles are in place on brand-owned social media channels and websites across all active markets.

Achieved 79% compliance in active markets audited and aiming to achieve 100% compliance in 2020.

FY19 People Targets FY19 People Progress

Increase Primo participation in Bacardi training and development programs

1996 Primos participated in training and development programs: Leading at the Edge, Shaping Your Career, and Coaching to Win

Support equal opportunity and leadership for women at all levels and work towards having at least 45% female workforce and an increase in women in leadership positions

38% of the total organization is female and 37% of managerial and executive leadership roles are filled by women

Improve employee engagement, as measured by the Engagement Index of the employee survey, to 80%

Achieved an Engagement Index score of 79% with 92% participation, considered as best in class

FY19 Safety Targets FY19 Safety Progress

Improve overall B-Safe Observations rate by 10% vs FY18. Our FY19 target of 10% increase is more focused on consolidating the practices and delivering good quality B-Safe Observations.

B-Safe Observations rate was improved by 32% in FY19 vs FY18. This rate corresponds to the completion of an average of 6 B-Safe Observations per primo during in all our manufacturing sites. 

Overall Lost Time Accident (LTA) rate of less than 1 per million of worked hours by 2022 (FY23).

Overall LTA rate is 1.2 per million of worked hours, improved by 37% vs FY18.

At our manufacturing sites, we improved by 32% vs FY18 with an LTA rate of 2.6.

We launched a safety Leadership training program and rolled-out our 10 Life-Saving rules to reach our overall safety goal of having less than 1 LTA per million of worked hours by FY23.

Safety First program – achieving first step to Gold standards by FY19 in all plants

Gold level year one was achieved in all active Bacardi plants, excluding the most recently acquired sites.

* B-Safe Observations are behavioral based safety observations and feedback, based on best practice Behavioral Based Safety programs, to positively reinforce safe behaviors at work, started at Bacardi in 2009. All employees at our manufacturing sites can conduct B-safe Observations as long as they receive the proper training.

**Safety First is our Bacardi-created program to raise our safety culture, designed with four levels: Foundation (Bacardi mandatory minimum standards), Bronze (safety practices right above mandatory), Silver (advanced safety practices), and Gold (‘best practice’ safety practices according to top external benchmarks).

FY19 Environment Targets FY19 Environment Progress

Reduce by 2025 the water consumption at our facilities by 25%, compared with FY15 baseline. Intermediate target for FY19 of 12%

9.2% reduction of water consumption from our operations achieved in FY19.

Recently acquired PATRÓN operations are under evaluation to be included in future revision of baseline and targets

Reduce by 2025 our total GHG emissions from operations by 50% and by 25% from our overall value chain, compared with FY15 baseline. Intermediate target for FY19 of 8% from operations

20% reduction of GHG emissions from our operations achieved in FY19.

Recently acquired PATRÓN operations are under evaluation to be included in future revision of baseline and targets

Continue with the implementation of required waste stream action plans, aiming to achieve our goal of Zero Waste to Landfill of all sites by 2022.

More than 99.6% of the waste generated from our factories is already diverted from landfill with dedicated collection and recycling in place

To achieve becoming plastic-free by 2030, remove plastic in secondary packaging and point of sale materials by 2023; continue efforts to eliminate 1 billion single-use plastic straws

Launched research to evaluate current plastic usage and determine priority areas.

Expanded collaboration with Lonely Whale beyond the U.S. to China, UK, and NZ to further efforts to eliminate plastic straws

FY19 Responsible Sourcing Targets FY19 Responsible Sourcing Progress

Raw Materials Sustainability

• Achieve ECOCERT certification for 50% of botanicals for BOMBAY SAPPHIRE gin

• Source 95% of derived sugar cane products from BONSCURO suppliers and complete the plan to reach 100% in FY20

• Achieve BONSUCRO certification for BANKS Rum liquid supplier

•Achieve EQUALITAS gap assessment audit for White Table Wines

• Identify Certification company and start the certification process for Agave

• Coriander, Cinnamon, Cubeb, Lemon peels and Almond have achieved ECOCERT certification, representing 50% of the botanicals

• 98.4% of our sugar cane derived products are sourced from Bonsucro certified sources/suppliers

• Banks Rum liquid supplier AE & Scheers achieved BONSUCRO Chain of Custody certification

•Suppliers for white table wine in Spain have been audited and are on track

• Identified Sedex as certification partners and CAZADORES 100% blue agave tequila suppliers have initiated the Sedex audit process 


• 100% Paper & Board are sustainably sourced (FSC or PEFC or SFI)

• Glass & Metal certification model to be determined

• 93 % of our corrugated and 84% of labels packaging suppliers are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)/Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification/Sustainable Forest Initiative certified

• For Glass & Metal, ISO standard solution being studied with SGS (ISO 14021) on recycled content management

Supplier Certification

• 95% of direct materials & external manufacturing spend are in the portal

• 75% audited by end of FY19

96% of direct materials suppliers are in Sedex and 73% have been audited 

FY19 PCI Targets FY19 PCI Progress

Roll out Charitable Donations Policy globally though trainings, webinars, and other internal communications tools to all Primos.

Full Training implemented on Charitable Donations Policy on October 9, 2018 and additional trainings will be ongoing.

80% of CR Ambassadors to record employee engagement in CR Month activity.

79.3% of CR Ambassadors submitted a CR Month activity in our CR Database for FY19.

95% of the 40 Countries where Bacardi has Primos to participate in a CR Month or My InSpirit Day volunteer activity out in communities.

87.5% of the countries where Bacardi has Primos recorded participation in a community volunteer activity. Over 2000 Primos participated globally in various volunteer activities.

Update financial systems to track all Bacardi Philanthropic giving.

Financial approval system in place and utilized to track philanthropic giving. Charitable Donations Policy updated to give more flexibility to local offices.

Implement disaster relief and island-wide outreach campaign with Mercy Corps to promote the return of small businesses and natural habitat to Puerto Rico, with the goal of driving tourism and commerce.

Approximately $1 million donated to Mercy Corps in FY19, positively impacting 243 small businesses and 3 natural habitat areas.