Targets & Progress

PCI Targets for FY17 PCI Progress in FY17
Through internal engagement and external benchmarking, Bacardi to update PCI guidelines and donations policy for community outreach, and communicate new policy globally to all employees. Researched and drafted new global Company Policy to guide employees in the charitable organization selection, vetting, and tracking process.
Launch internal database and tracking system to adequately track Company community investment, aligned with internal financial reporting systems. Identify and train community champions to manage and report on these activities within all markets. This system will support benchmark reporting from FY 18 onwards. Launched new internal CR Tracking Database through SharePoint to accurately account for all Bacardi community investment. The internal database, with easy access use by all Company employees, will track charitable donations and employee engagement activities.
Update CR Ambassador Program & CR Month tool-kit in order to engage more Company employees worldwide. Updated CR Ambassador and CR Month guidelines and tool-kit. Through in depth research, mapped all locations with Bacardi employees and enlisted help of regional management to identify 57 CR Ambassadors in 40 countries where Bacardi has employees.
Targets for FY18
Roll out Charitable Donations policy globally through trainings, webinars, and other internal communications tools to all employees.
80% of CR Ambassadors to record employee engagement in CR Month activities.
95% of the 40 countries where Bacardi has employees to participate in a CR Month activity.
Update financial systems to track all Bacardi philanthropic giving.

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