Bacardi employees are guardians of a tradition of excellence. We are a family owned company that embraces the spirit of family in the way we inspire and enable our people to perform every day. Moving forward we have chosen not to use the word ‘employee’ for the people who contribute so significantly to our business, but rather ‘Primos’ which is the Spanish word for cousins. It carries with it the family spirit of Bacardi and reflects how connected we are to each other and how committed we are to each other’s success.

Our People strategy is built on the belief that outstanding people will deliver excellent results. We aspire to unleash the potential of our people by creating a working environment where every Primo can take advantage of the development opportunities Bacardi offers. We will inspire, engage and support our people and intend to become recognized internally and externally as the “Envy of the Industry” for our People, Brands and Performance. We do this by recognizing Primos for exemplifying the Bacardi values, equip them to excel within the company, and promote the importance of diversity at all levels.

In addition, we recognize the importance of, and align our standards to, the UN Global Compact, the UN Declaration for Human Rights, and Fundamental Conventions of the ILO. Our people, whether direct employees or as members of our supply chain, are our greatest asset and our Code of Conduct and Responsible Sourcing Standards exemplify this commitment.

Not only are our Primos our greatest asset but we fundamentally care about their engagement, wellbeing and actively help them find their passion and purpose at Bacardi – encouraging them to be fearless and to make their mark on our business as if it was their own.

In every market we have initiatives that have been hand crafted to support the growth of our Primos. We leverage technology wherever possible to ensure accessibility; and through partnerships with leading organizations including Harvard Business School, Franklin Covey, and the Centre for Creative Leadership, we enable our Primos to be the best they can be, for us and the societies we live in. When our Primos deliver their best, we celebrate their achievements through a variety of recognition programs so they understand how deeply we appreciate their efforts.

It is our Primos who are our best ambassadors of our brands and our Company, and who live the Bacardi values of Trust, Passion, Caring, and Excellence. Our ability to achieve our Corporate Responsibility objectives depends a lot on how well our people understand our vision and practice high ethical standards in the workplace.