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Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

The gender pay gap shows the differences in average pay between women and men across the Company as a whole. It does not measure equal pay, which relates to what women and men are paid for the same or similar jobs or work of equal value.

Population split by male/female employees:

  • 76% Male
  • 24% Female

Median gender pay gap:

  • -3.2%

Median bonus pay gap:

  • -14.6%

Understanding the median gender pay gap & bonus pay gap

We have a higher percentage of males in non-management positions (especially in manufacturing and shop floor roles) which explains why the median gender pay gap is in favour of women…

  • 89% men in non management roles
  • 80% women in non management roles

Our median male works in an operator job in manufacturing operations while the median female works in a functional role. As the target bonuses in functional roles are higher than in manufacturing operations, this results in the female median bonus being larger than the male median bonus.

Mean gender pay gap:

  • 6.2%

Mean bonus pay gap:

  • -1.6%

Males/Females receiving a bonus payment: 100%/100%

Understanding the mean gender pay gap and bonus pay gap
We have more males than females in our most senior management positions, which explains the mean gender pay gap. The mean bonus pay gap, which is slightly in favour of women, reflects the fact that a higher proportion of our female population are in management roles compared to males.   (20% for females v 11% for males)

Proportion of males and females in each quartile* pay band (Female%/Male%):

  • Upper quartile: 32% F / 68% M
  • Upper middle quartile: 19% F / 81% M
  • Lower middle quartile: 24% F / 76% M
  • Lower quartile: 23% F / 77% M

*Quartiles are based on hourly pay rates