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Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

The gender pay gap shows the differences in average pay between women and men across the Company as a whole. It does not measure equal pay, which relates to what women and men are paid for the same or similar jobs or work of equal value.

Population split by male/female employees:

  • 76% Male
  • 24% Female

Median gender pay gap:

  • 7.7%

Median bonus pay gap:

  • -2.8%

Mean gender pay gap:

  • 10.5%

Mean bonus pay gap:

  • 31.5%

Males/Females receiving a bonus payment: 75%/70%

Understanding the mean gender pay gap and bonus pay gap
The director level roles in the company are currently held by men. A senior executive transferred in from another group company and there were payments to some directors during the year of a long term incentive bonus. This explains both the mean gender pay and mean bonus pay gap.
Removing the director level roles from the calculations would change the Mean gender pay gap to -3% and the Mean bonus pay gap to -21.8%

All employees are eligible for a bonus but must have completed at least 3 months’ service.
We had a high number of new joiners in 2018 which explains why the actual % receiving a bonus is not 100%. There were more female new joiners as a proportion of the female population than there were males joiners as a proportion of the male population. This explains the difference in males / females receiving a bonus payment.

Proportion of males and females in each quartile* pay band (Female%/Male%):

  • Upper quartile: 28% F / 72% M
  • Upper middle quartile: 14% F / 86% M
  • Lower middle quartile: 29% F / 71% M
  • Lower quartile: 25% F / 75% M

*Quartiles are based on hourly pay rates

2017 Gender Pay Gap Report Submission Correction
Whilst preparing our submission for the 2018 report, we became aware that long term bonus payments were inadvertently omitted from the 2017 figures, when they should have been included, as was a one off moving bonus for a director who had been internationally relocated. An employee had also been wrongly classed as ‘relevant’ when they should have been classed ‘full pay relevant’.

In order to fully comply with the spirit of the reporting requirements we have recalculated the data for the snapshot as of 5th April 2017 to include these long term bonus payments, one off moving bonus, and incorrect employee classification. The resultant changes in the key metrics are as follows:

5th April 2017
Corrected Figures for
5th April 2017
Mean Gender Pay Gap 6.20% 8.50%
Median Gender Pay Gap -3.20% -10.60%
Mean Gender Bonus Gap -1.60% 17.50%
Median Gender Bonus Gap -14.60% -10.60%

The 2018 Company report includes long term bonus payments.

Last year, we also reported that the % of Males/Females receiving a bonus payment was 100%/100%. This was another unintentional error on our part in the understanding of what should be included. The 100%/100% statistic referred to eligibility for a bonus but as some employees had not completed the minimum 3 months’ service, they did not actually receive a bonus payment during the year. The correct % for Males /Females actually receiving a bonus payment was 81%/79%.