MARTINI® Drives Global Renaissance with “Begin Desire” Brand Platform

October 23, 2014

Hamilton, Bermuda, 23 October, 2014 – MARTINI®, the world’s leading vermouth and Italian sparkling wine brand, today launches its daring new global vision: BEGIN DESIRE.

BEGIN DESIRE communicates the sense of possibility at the heart of MARTINI, as well as the brand’s core values and beliefs: true artisanship, unstudied sophistication and the joy and romance of living with passion and authenticity. The new platform is designed to resonate deeply among a new generation of legal drinking age MARTINI consumers, reasserting the iconic Italian brand’s position as the leader in its category.

Considered one of Italy’s leading international brands, MARTINI is driving an explosion of interest both in vermouth and sparkling wines, and aperitivo culture around the world. With its peerless provenance and dedication to craft, using only the finest natural ingredients, it is being sought out by a new generation. BEGIN DESIRE has been created to inspire them – both by communicating the brand’s Italian roots, and encouraging them to dream big and follow their desires.

To mark the launch, a new brand film, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Jake Scott of RSA Films, celebrates the world of MARTINI and the essence of BEGIN DESIRE for audiences worldwide.

“This is an exceptionally proud and exhilarating time for the MARTINI brand as we bring to life its style and essence – an iconic brand with 150 years of history to its name,” says Sandy Mayo, Senior Global Category Director, MARTINI. “Our new film, directed by Jake Scott, serves to launch BEGIN DESIRE in true, timeless style – combining the heritage of MARTINI with contemporary culture, but in a quintessentially Italian way. This campaign sees MARTINI going back to its roots and celebrating what made its past so iconic. We live in an age where aperitivo is king, and style and authenticity are at the centre of our consumers’ world.”

Shot on location in Rome, it opens with a white-clad waitress, who is clearing tables when she discovers a message scrawled on a napkin by a mysterious stranger, which reads “BEGIN DESIRE”. The stranger, whom she spots standing on a roof top by a vintage MARTINI sign, guides her to an alleyway, where she is swept along by a crowd which appears from nowhere.

Like a single white flower floating on a rushing river, the waitress is carried by the throng through the streets of the Italian capital, where further invitations to BEGIN DESIRE catch her eye. Her journey continues until she arrives at a train station, where the crowd mysteriously vanishes, leaving her with nothing but a suitcase at her feet. Picking it up, she boards a waiting train – and sets off to her future.

In a case of art imitating life, the lead role is played by beautiful newcomer Elena Mirela, who was working as a real-life waitress in a bar in Rome, when she was spotted by Jake Scott and his crew, and cast immediately!

The film – part of a multi-million Euro cross-media campaign encompassing outdoor, social media, digital, television and public relations – will be seen across Europe from 26 October 2014, as MARTINI proudly reaffirms its position as the world’s most celebrated vermouth and Italian Sparkling Wine.

BEGIN DESIRE sees a transformation in look and feel for MARTINI. A dazzling suite of design assets, from posters with the famous “bar and ball” motif at their centre, interpret the brand for a new generation – capturing the extraordinary history and iconic nature of MARTINI.

“MARTINI is nothing short of legendary – a brand that prides itself on the excellence of the product and the richness of its Italian story. It’s a romantic drink, so with this film we’re trying to tell a story that echoes that”, Sandy Mayo, Senior Global Category Director, MARTINI, adds. “We don’t view it as a commercial, we think of it as a romantic short film, a way of celebrating the history and heritage of the brand, but restating its relevance for the 21st-Century world.”

The roll-out of the MARTINI BEGIN DESIRE campaign will begin in Italy on October 26th and then feature across Europe from November.


One of the most iconic brands in the world, MARTINI is the leading name in Italian winemaking and a purveyor of the highest quality aromatised and sparkling wines. The award-winning, vibrant and bittersweet taste of the MARTINI range is the result of secret blends of more than 40 botanicals sourced from the finest locations across the globe. The MARTINI portfolio includes: MARTINI Bianco, MARTINI Rosato, MARTINI Rosso, MARTINI Extra Dry, MARTINI Asti, MARTINI Moscato d’Asti, MARTINI Prosecco, MARTINI Rosé, MARTINI Brut and MARTINI Royale.

The MARTINI® brand is part of the portfolio of Bacardi Limited, headquartered in Hamilton, Bermuda. Bacardi Limited refers to the Bacardi group of companies, including Bacardi International Limited.