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FY18 Environment Targets FY18 Environment Progress
Implement specific action plans to reduce water consumption, with special focus at three of our main distilleries located in Puerto Rico (Cataño) and Scotland (Aberfeldy and MacDuff).  Due to changes in our strategy, focusing more on consumption of water, versus overall usage, these action plans should put us on track to achieve a 50% reduction (vs. FY06) during the second half of this reporting period. We are still aiming to reach the original 55% reduction goal, but additional time is expected to get there.   At the end of FY18, we had a 50.4% reduction in overall water usage (vs. FY06). Water reduction initiatives and water reuse projects implemented at our main distilleries (Cataño, Aberfeldy and MacDuff) were key to helping the company achieve a 7.3% improvement, as measured by the efficiency index, versus FY17.    
Define new targets (short and long-term) for water use and GHG emissions, as part of our future sustainability strategy. The new scope will be expanded to go beyond our four walls, with additional focus on the upstream portion of our value chain. The target for water will use a context-based approach -- focusing on local watershed conditions.  A science-based method will be used for setting a target for GHG reduction.    After achieving a 59% reduction on GHG intensity (vs. FY06), new targets have been developed for our operations and the overall supply chain.  These new targets are focused on absolute reduction, following a science-based approach. For water, new long-term targets were developed focusing on local watershed conditions and consumptive water use, additional reduction at our operations, and adding the "replenish" dimension to continue our journey of achieving a Sustainable Water Balance.
Continue with the implementation of required waste stream action plans, aiming to achieve less than 0.32% of total waste from production sites to landfill, towards our goal of Zero Waste-to-Landfill of all sites by 2022. By the end of FY18, only 0.4% of the total waste from production sites was sent to landfills. While we did not reach our original FY18 target, we believe we are still on track to achieve the 2022 target of Zero Waste-to-Landfill.
Work on our transition plan to the new ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 14001- 2015 management system standards at all manufacturing sites, in order to comply with the three-year transition process, set by ISO to maintain our certification. Gap assessments to be completed and action plans in place to achieve full transition by September 2018. Gap assessments were completed and workstreams created to focus on the changes required to make the transition to the new ISO management system standards. Workstreams have completed the required tasks to allow the evolution of our management system, with new certification complete in July 2018.

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