Targets & Progress

Long-Term Ambition:

We aim to achieve best-in-class environmental and safety performance in our operations. Most of our products’ environmental impacts are in our supply chain. We we will work both in our own facilities
and with our suppliers to reduce impacts and risks across our whole value chain. From a safety point of view, we have a long-term vision for an accident-free Bacardi.
Achieve a 1% reduction in water use efficiency in production sites and a 1% improvement in non-renewable energy efficiency, both compared with fiscal 2014.We continued to reduce the amount of water used in production by achieving a 3.9% reduction. Our water use efficiency improved by 3.2%. We also improved our non-renewable energy efficiency, resulting in our GHG Emissions reduced by 3.7%.status-achieved-purpleAchieve a 3% reduction in volume of water used in production sites and a 15% improvement in GHG Emissions efficiency, both compared with fiscal 2015.
Complete the installation of the two biomass boilers.During fiscal 2015, the installation of two biomass boilers was completed at our tequila distillery in Arandas (Mexico), and our Scotch whisky distillery in Aberfeldy (Scotland).status-achieved-purpleComplete the installation of a third biomass boiler at our Royal Brackla Scotch whisky distillery in Nairn (Scotland).
Solid waste to landfill from production sites will be less than 2% of total weight to landfillWe continued the implementation of reduction, reuse and recycling initiatives at our manufacturing sites. During fiscal 2015, only 0.74% of total waste was sent to landfills.status-achieved-purpleSolid waste to landfill from production sites will be less than .5% of total weight to landfill.
Continue the roll out of the Good Spirited Program through all the Bacardi locations.Since launching in February 2014, we’ve shared more than 100 stories showcasing sustainability efforts. More than 60 employees have been featured. We had our first internal awards program to recognize individuals, teams and projects making a difference across 5 categories (Green Champion, Sustainable Office, Partnership, Sustainability Improvement, and Sustainability Project).status-achieved-purpleExpand Green Champions network to also cover functional areas including Procurement and Packaging Development. Continue with internal awards program (2nd year).
The seven steps of behavior-based safety program fully implemented in 100% of our manufacturing sites.We achieved this objective, with 100% of our manufacturing sites conducting behaviour-based safety observations.

In FY2015 we also achieved a 65% reduction on the LTA Rate in our manufacturing sites compared to FY2014.

status-achieved-purpleObservations rate tracked monthly in all plants as our first leading health and safety performance indicator.

Our long-term target is an overall LTA rate of less than 1 per million of worked hours by 2022. Thanks to the significant improvement achieved in FY2015, we are now anticipating that we will reach this target by 2017.

Continue to maintain certification of all production facilities to the ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 management system standards.In 2015 we successfully maintained our certification by passing all the planned surveillance audits.status-achieved-purpleMaintain our "Triple Crown" by passing our re-certification audits for ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 management systems standards.

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