Building a
Sustainable Future

Bacardi Limited raises the bar on sustainability. Responsible sourcing, streamlined packaging and efficient operations are crucial to the Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future initiative.

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Program Overview

Bacardi Limited charts bold course in building a sustainable future

Family-owned spirits company unveils ambitious environmental initiative called “Good Spirited” with specific goals in sourcing, packaging and operations by 2022. Building on current programs and efficiencies that reduce water and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the new Bacardi Limited global platform, Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future, reinforces the Company’s leadership in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Bacardi Limited Employees Bring to Life "Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future" Environmental Program

Take a virtual trip around the world to learn more about the Bacardi Limited Good Spirited global sustainability initiative directly from the people involved. Hear from Bacardi Chairman Facundo L. Bacardi, SVP of Global Operations Jon Grey, VP of Corporate Communications Patricia M. Neal, Global Technical Director Stuart Lowthian, as well as various Bacardi employees and collaborators from around the world as they discuss what the Company is doing to reach its vision of a net zero environmental impact.

An on-demand video showcasing the industry-leading effort to return to the environment at least as much as we take away will be available 24/7 through June 30 via:

“The Good Spirited initiative is tied to the Bacardi legacy and critical to our growth. It’s a bold commitment we are making as a company for the future of our world and our business,” said Mr. Bacardi, the great-great grandson of Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardí Massó. “Equally important, we are making this commitment to our customers and consumers, who also want to be more sustainable. So please join us in taking steps to build a more sustainable future by being Good Spirited.”

Bacardi Advances Sugarcane Standards in Fiji with Model Farm Program

Ongoing environmental efforts to protect Fiji’s spectacular Great Sea Reef and lush tropical farmland include a model sugarcane farm initiative backed by Bacardi, maker of the world’s favorite rum, and the conservation group, World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Sugar is Fiji’s oldest industry and has been the vanguard of economic growth and development in the country for more than a century; while the Great Sea Reef, one of the largest reef systems in the world, supplies as much as 80% of the domestic fish market.

“The key ingredient for our award-winning BACARDÍ® rum is molasses, a by-product of sugarcane,” says Dave Howson, Global Sustainability Director for family-owned Bacardi. “To ensure viable sugarcane production, we’re working with the WWF to improve farming practices and operations through model sugarcane farms. That, in turn, helps reduce degradation of the Great Sea Reef.”

Simple changes – such as terracing, and carefully distancing rows of sugarcane – help control nutrient and seed runoff into waterways leading to the Reef. That protects Fiji’s natural beauty – and the future of its economy.

Jon Grey

Senior Vice President, Global Operations Group            

Bacardi Limited vision: To return to the environment at least at much as we take away.

BEST: Bacardi Environmental Sustainability Tracking


All-Encompassing Approach to Recycling at Bacardi


Bacardi Promotes Sustainability Across Sugarcane Industry


Bacardi continues to focus on water reduction with a goal to cut its global use by 55% by 2022. The Company recycles water used to clean BACARDÍ rum barrels.

Bacardi crafts sustainability into its brand packaging and point-of-sale materials. In North America, 100% of BACARDÍ rum cardboard boxes are sustainably certified.

In Fiji, Bacardi supports model, sustainable sugarcane farms. Globally sets goal to buy 100% of the sugarcane-derived products it uses from sustainable sources – an industry first.


We appreciate your interest in the Bacardi Limited Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future initiative. To learn more about what Bacardi and its iconic brands are doing to achieve the goal of returning to the environment at least as much as we take away through through responsible sourcing programs, packaging advancements and operational efficiencies, please download the files below.