By leveraging the support of our great brands to positively impact important social causes and by actively engaging with our communities and employees through Corporate Responsibility Month, we made significant contributions in the areas of arts and culture, education, environment and supporting the needy.
RICK WILSON , Senior Vice President, External Affairs and Corporate Responsibility, Bacardi

Our commitment to corporate responsibility and philanthropy began with our founder, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó. Santiago de Cuba, the birthplace of BACARDÍ rum, was struck by a devastating earthquake in 1852. Don Facundo immediately closed his shop to lead relief efforts in the city. This compassionate act initiated our legacy of giving back to local communities, a full decade before the founding of the Company in 1862.

We are very proud of this tradition that continues today. Community investment and philanthropy remain an important part of our Company and our corporate responsibility program.

Our employees’ involvement in community activities raises public awareness of the caring nature of our Company. Their participation also makes our people feel good about working for Bacardi.

We support local community initiatives across a range of activities in four broad areas:
1) arts and culture
2) education
3) environment
4) health and social services

We accomplish this by teaming up with our brand marketing teams to support great causes in these areas – or by engaging directly with our communities and employees. We also assist with disaster relief efforts when significant natural disasters strike, often in locations linked to our operations.

This year, our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Month resulted in more than 7,900 hours of volunteer time from the worldwide Bacardi workforce. We plan to continue running CR Month as our annual global community event across the Company.

In fiscal 2014, Bacardi companies and brands donated US $3.3 million to local communities around the world. We also continue to see great benefits continue from last year’s in-kind donation of the iconic Bacardi Tower and Museum building complex to the National YoungArts Foundation. As part of our agreement, YoungArts moved its principal offices to the building complex and spent approximately US $3,661,532 in hard costs and US $1,227,792 in soft costs (architects, engineers, etc.) for a total of US $4,889,324 to refurbish the Bacardi Tower and Museum building complex.

Together, we look forward to sustaining Don Facundo’s legacy of supporting local community initiatives well into the future.

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