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Our Corporate Responsibility Report
Download our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report to see how Bacardi continues to set the standard for responsibility
A welcome from our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the latest Bacardi Limited Corporate Responsibility Report. As you interact with this report, you’ll learn about the considerable progress we made to responsibly manage our environmental and social impacts during our 2013 fiscal year, which ended on March 31, 2013.

As in earlier years, we are reporting in line with the comprehensive framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative, or GRI. Widely used around the world, these GRI guidelines enable us to measure and report on our economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

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We also are aligned with the principles set forth by the United Nations Global Compact, which encourages the adoption and reporting of sustainable and socially responsible policies. These principles guide us in our approach to Corporate Responsibility and to how we communicate our progress.

Our aim is to be best-in-class in Corporate Responsibility in the spirits industry. We believe that by responsibly managing our environmental and social impacts, Bacardi will be a more sustainable business in the long term.


Our aim is to be best-in-class in Corporate Responsibility in the spirits industry. We believe that by responsibly managing our environmental and social impacts, Bacardi will be a more sustainable business in the long term.

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Through our Corporate Responsibility programs, we regularly introduce new ways of working to increase efficiencies, reduce our global footprint and support grower communities and other partners, all while promoting responsible consumption.

We are proud that the spirit of giving back to people and communities in need has been a cornerstone of our Company’s existence since its founding more than 150 years ago. Thanks to this long-standing Corporate Responsibility commitment, we have no doubt that this legacy of giving will continue for 150 more.

As we look ahead, we intend to continue to play a role in helping address key global issues such as responsible sourcing, world population growth and climate change. Our increased engagement with stakeholders shows that our actions, as we deal with these and other challenging issues, are aligned with stakeholder interests.

The Bacardi Limited Corporate Responsibility program comprises five pillars that reflect our principal areas of activity. These pillars are Marketplace; Environment, Health and Safety; Responsible Sourcing; People; and Philanthropy and Community Involvement.

Although there is much more work to do, we’re pleased to report we made progress in all five of these areas during fiscal 2013.

Through our Marketplace activities, we continued to strengthen our commitment to promoting responsible drinking and the responsible marketing of alcoholic drinks. We remain very actively involved in the Global Alcohol Producers Group (GAPG), and are placing all necessary resources behind implementation of GAPG commitments to reduce alcohol-related harm. We work diligently to comply with our strict Global Marketing Principles, as well as with international industry codes. We take these responsibilities seriously and in fiscal 2013, as in previous years, no consumer complaints on our marketing materials were upheld by regulators.

In the area of Environment, Health and Safety, we continue to strive for environmental improvement and best practice, seeking to minimize our impact on the natural world around us. In fiscal 2013, we focused strongly on improving the environmental performance of our production facilities. Among the many initiatives undertaken in this ongoing effort were programs aimed at reducing our use of water resources, which play such a vital role in our business.

We remain committed to promoting sustainable sourcing practices across
 our business. Through our Responsible Sourcing program and our substantial
 activity as a founding member of the multi-stakeholder initiative, Bonsucro™,
 we are working to meet our target of sourcing 100% of our sugarcane-derived
 products from sustainably certified sources by 2022, and Bonsucro is our preferred standard.

As described in the People section of this report, we are actively building engagement, based on the overwhelming and positive response to our firstever Global Employee Engagement Survey, conducted in 2012. Employees asked for greater emphasis to be placed on development opportunities, and during fiscal 2013 we focused on providing more effective employee feedback channels, enhanced coaching from line managers and targeted training programs to support career progression and development.

Our progress in the area of Philanthropy and Community Involvement was highlighted by two key developments. In fiscal 2013, we expanded our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Week, successfully launching CR Month, which resulted in over 7,600 volunteer hours being contributed by our global workforce. The other key highlight was the donation by Bacardi companies and brands of US$6.06 million to local communities around the world, including a significant in-kind donation, valued at US$2.7 million, of the iconic Bacardi Tower and Museum building complex in Miami, Florida.

This improving performance, as we continue to embed Corporate Responsibility throughout our global operations, would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication, skillful efforts and hard work of our employees around the world. On behalf of the Bacardi senior leadership team, we thank them.

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