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Our Corporate Responsibility Report
Download our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report to see how Bacardi continues to set the standard for responsibility
A welcome from our Chairman and our Chief Executive Officer

It is with pride and great pleasure we convey the significant progress made in our social and environmental programs over this past fiscal year ending March 31, 2014.

As in previous years, this Corporate Responsibility Report is in line with the comprehensive framework developed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). These internationally recognized guidelines enable us to measure and state our economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

We also are aligned with principles, set forth in the United Nations Global Compact, that encourage the adoption and reporting of sustainable and socially responsible policies. These standards guide our overall approach to Corporate Responsibility and how we communicate our progress.

We believe that with responsible management of our environmental and social impacts, Bacardi will be an even better and more sustainable business in the long term.

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President & CEO

Through our Corporate Responsibility programs, we regularly introduce new ways to promote responsible alcohol consumption, increase efficiencies, reduce our environmental global footprint, and support our communities, partners and employees.

We are proud to be included in the Reputation Institute’s 2013 Global RepTrak® 100, recognizing the world’s most reputable companies, and look forward to maintaining this title as we work hard toward achieving our social and environmental ambitions across the business.

Like any company with operations around the globe, and especially one with more than 200 brands and labels, we regularly review all aspects of our operations, facilities, processes and efficiencies. To better meet the demands of the global marketplace, starting October 1, we put in place a new organizational model. This model enables us to have the greatest possible connection with the front line of our business – sales, marketing, innovation, advertising and promotion. By making these changes, we are working to ensure the sustainability of the business and the Bacardi name for many years to come.

Bacardi’s Corporate Responsibility program comprises five core pillars:

  • 1. Marketplace
  • 2. Environment, Health and Safety
  • 3. Responsible Sourcing
  • 4. People
  • 5. Philanthropy and Community Involvement.

Through our Marketplace activities, we continued to strengthen our commitment to promote responsible drinking and the responsible marketing of alcoholic beverages. This was the first year of the Producers' Commitments to Reduce Harmful Drinking, a five year initiative agreed to by global alcohol producers to reduce harmful use of alcohol on a global scale. Bacardi made substantial strides in the first year of this five year program. Some notable achievements included 100% of our marketing agency contracts and 97% of all television ads placed and measured across seven markets were found in compliance with these new Commitments.

In addition, we voluntarily launched the third edition of the Bacardi Global Marketing Principles to address changes in digital marketing and the power of social media, and significantly increased awareness of our award-winning Champions Drink Responsibility campaign.

In the area of Environment, Health and Safety, we strive for continual improvement in best practices, seeking to minimize our impact on the natural world around us. In fiscal 2014, we launched a sweeping new, global sustainability initiative: Good Spirited: Building a Sustainable Future. The focus of this new sustainability initiative encompasses responsible sourcing, operational efficiencies and global packaging.

Manufacturing sites, suppliers, offices, operations and commercial teams all play an important role to ensure this ambitious new program delivers on its promise to build a more sustainable future. Also in fiscal 2014, we initiated an upgraded five-year health and safety plan.

After more than 150 years of growth, still core to our Corporate Responsibility is being a part of the solution when it comes to sourcing, producing, packaging, operational efficiency, and marketing our products. Simply put: preserving and protecting the environment is part of our corporate heritage.

We are committed to promoting sustainable sourcing practices across our business. Through our Responsible Sourcing program, and as a founding member of the multi-stakeholder initiative, Bonsucro, our goal to obtain 100 percent of sugarcane- derived products from sustainably certified sources is well within reach of our 2022 goal.

In our People section, you will see our dedication to building Bacardi as a place where our employees can grow their careers and build great brands. We also are advancing employee feedback channels, enhanced coaching from line managers and targeted training programs to support career progression and development.

Our Philanthropy and Community Involvement continues to focus on supporting local community initiatives across four core areas: arts and architecture, education, environment and health and social services. In fiscal 2014, we were able to provide more than 7,900 hours of volunteer time from Bacardi employees as part of our annual CR Month, in addition to nearly US $3.3 million in donations to local communities around the world.

As we move forward, we will continue to address key global issues such as harmful use of alcohol, responsible sourcing and climate change. We realize that as we deal with these and other challenging issues, the principles we apply need to be in line with stakeholder interests.

We thank our employees and our stakeholders for all you do – and will continue to do – for the world-class spirit of Bacardi – and our ongoing focus on sustainability.

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Facundo L. Bacardi
Michael J. Dolan
President and CEO