Targets & Progress

Responsible Sourcing Targets for FY17 Responsible Sourcing Progress in FY17
100% of all new and existing suppliers to be assessed according to our Vendor Qualification Process. 100% of new and existing suppliers are VQP assessed and qualified.
85% of Global Direct suppliers and 100% of Global Point of sale suppliers linked to Bacardi through Sedex with process led by our Category Managers. A completed self-assessment questionnaire and audit to be completed by end of FY18 for each supplier. 91% of Global Direct and 100% of Global Point of Sale suppliers are linked to Bacardi through Sedex.
Define and implement sustainable agriculture sourcing strategy beyond sugarcane-derived products for rum. Focus crops include: LCD, Molasses, Botanicals, Agave, and Wheat. Category Managers are responsible for action plan implementation.

*Action plans developed for new LCD and Molasses suppliers and we are working with external auditors for LEBLON® Bonsucro certification.

*We have also developed action plans for all botanicals, including developing farmer's capabilities and support for environmental sustainability. As needed, we are working with local NGOs on implementation.

*Developed a wheat yield improvement program with wheat supplier.

*Agave action plan defined to include selecting a credible sustainable certification program.

100% of sugarcane-derived products suppliers for rum Bonsucro certified by the end of FY17 (The Good Spirted original goal was 40% certified by 2017 and 100% certified by 2022). All molasses sources currently sustainably certified and have an action plan for all to receive Bonsucro certification by end of CY17, including new suppliers. More than 80% of LCD suppliers are Bonsucro certified, with plans to achieve certification for all by end of CY17.
Deploy Good Spirited training program with our strategic direct suppliers to build awareness and develop action plans to meet the Good Spirited sourcing, environment, and packaging goals together.

*Twenty-seven raw material strategic suppliers have been trained and have agreed to collaborate and to provide data on water use reduction.

*All strategic packaging suppliers trained on Good Spirited program, including moving from weight to carbon intensity, energy, and water KPIs. We have achieved a 3.6% glass weight reduction since FY08.

Responsible Sourcing Targets for FY18
Ongoing target to ensure 100% of our suppliers assessed to our Vendor Qualification Process.
95% of Global Direct spend and 100% of Global Point of Sales suppliers linked to Bacardi through Sedex. In addition, we will work with local teams to ensure local POS suppliers are using Sedex and completing SAQs.

Raw Material Action Plans:

*For grapes, work with Prosecco and Asti Consortiums to achieve highest level of standards with focus on environment, ethics, and economics; including for Asti a reduction of residual phito treatment (35%) and for white table wine a carbon footprint reduction (20%).

*Action plan defined for Agave suppliers to be sustainably certified.

*Botanicals action plan underway, our goal is for 60% of main botanicals sustainably certified by FY18, 100% by FY19.

*Continue to build on wheat supplier improvement programs.

*LEBLON® to achieve Bonsucro certification.

For sugarcane-derived products for rum, ensure VQP audits for new suppliers and work with them to achieve Bonsucro certification by end of CY17. This includes LEBLON®.
Train all new strategic raw materials and packaging suppliers on Good Spirited program goals. Work with suppliers to achieve Forest Stewardship Council certification for labels and corrugated packaging.

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