Targets & Progress

Long-Term Ambition:

Our vision for Responsible Sourcing is for all of our raw materials and packaging to come from sustainably sourced, renewable or recycled
materials – reducing environmental and social impacts while maintaining or enhancing the economic status of growers and suppliers.
Each new supplier will be risk assessed and engaged to ensure compliance with our responsible sourcing standards and Code of Practice. In addition, implement updated Vendor Qualification Process (VQP) document for Direct Ingredient suppliers.We have in place a Vendor Qualification Process and updated it April 2015 to systematically assess any new supplier to ensure their compliance with our responsible sourcing standards and Code of Practice.status-achieved-red100% of all new suppliers to be assessed according to the Vendor Qualification Process.
Global Direct and Global Point of Sale (POS) suppliers linked to Bacardi in Sedex to represent 85% of spend in these key categories.Global Direct suppliers (only) linked toBacardi present 70% of spend.status-partially-redSee immediately below
We will commission third-party ethical audits, based on the SMETA 4 Pillar protocol at a minimum of 30 global suppliers within the Direct and Point of Sale (POS) functions. Begin integration of other indirect procurement categories in RS Program.This process for third-party ethical audits is fully embedded into the Sedex processstatus-achieved-red85% of spending with Global Direct suppliers and 95% of Global Point of Sale suppliers linked to Bacardi through Sedex.
Scope out a multi-approach to implementation of a sustainable agriculture sourcing strategy. This will include becoming members of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) Platform. Focus crops will be wheat, barley, grains, sugar beet and grapes. In addition, increase number of “RS Champions” through internal RS training program.We have subscribed and become amember of the SAI platform. We are in the process of defining our sustainable agriculture sourcing strategy.status-achieved-redDefine and implement the sustainable agriculture sourcing strategy focusing on the most relevant crops.

Develop the sustainability training program and integrate the RS training program.

Implement sustainable sugarcane sourcing and community project with NGO partner to further support our 2017 sourcing target.In FY2015 we committed to supporting the Bonsucro Panamericaña project in Latin America – the origin of the majority of our sugarcane-derived products. The collaboration will enable knowledge sharing and opportunities to address systemic issues in the sector.status-achieved-redEnsure 40% of our sugarcane-derivedproducts will be certified as sustainable by 2017, and 100% by 2022.

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