Key Highlight

Bonsucro Panamericaña

CR_Report_2015_RS-KeyHighlightThe global, nonprofit organization, Bonsucro, is growing stronger and maintaining its position as the leading standard bearer for sustainable sugarcane production. Bacardi is a founding member and works with the organization to improve economic, environmental and social conditions in the regions around the world where sugarcane is produced.

The Bonsucro standard covers areas such as human rights and labor conditions, biodiversity, environmental and economic viability of the sugarcane producers,” explains Natasha Schwarzbach, Head of Engagement for Bonsucro.

Farmers, millers and end-users of sugarcane must meet rigorous requirements to be verified as sustainable by Bonsucro. Then as members, they work collaboratively to raise the bar at every step across the supply chain.

Bonsucro-certified land under cane has reached 3.66% of the world’s total – equal to some 871,229 hectares. Nearly four million tons of Bonsucro certified sugar and 2.7 million cubic meters of certified ethanol have been produced so far. At the end of fiscal 2015, 19% of Bacardi’s sugarcane products were covered by EU or US-recognized sustainability certifications such as the Bonsucro standard.

Bonsucro is now in the process of establishing the Panamericaña program; a partnership between Bonsucro and Solidaridad which aims to pool resources, exchange best practice, and address systemic issues through collaboration amongst members in Central and South America. In its first year alone, the program aims to:

  • Undertake baseline assessments and pre-audits to develop and implement improvement plans for ten mills, 240,000 tons of sugar, 350,000 hectares of land,and 3,500 workers;
  • Implement a knowledge sharing platform for members; and
  • Host a producer forum on worker health and safety.