Responsible Sourcing at Bacardi Limited

Bacardi’s commitment to being corporately responsible extends into every aspect of our business.

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Sustainable sourcing for Botanicals

Many exotic botanicals used for BOMBAY or MARTINI production have been historically sourced from remote locations in developing countries. In those countries, small suppliers and farmers have limited resources, and are often not properly trained in efficient cultivation techniques.

In FY16, Bacardi engaged with key suppliers and local NGOs to launch several projects to address sustainability challenges associated with the production of exotic botanicals and support our small suppliers and farmers in achieving sustainable livelihoods.

  • Ghana / Grains of Paradise: worked with local NGO to develop farming capabilities and reduce intermediaries to improve revenues for original producer.
  • Java / Cubeb Pepper: signed three-year commitment contracts with local farmers to support them economically and encourage them to continue harvesting.
  • Ecuador / Cinchona Bark: Bacardi together with key suppliers invested in local reforestation to be able to export the Yellow Cinchona bark without affecting the local biodiversity.
  • China / Rhubarb: Bacardi, along with a key supplier, worked to train farmers to properly dry the Rhubarb outside the home to avoid health consequences. Bacardi also supports the initiative of developing seedlings of Chinese Rhubarb in collaboration with Mediplant (a Swiss organization specialized in plants development) and helping our supplier in the development of an efficient drying system. The supplier will then deploy the system in China.

These initiatives support the economic and capability development of Bacardi’s suppliers’ feedstock, as well as ensure Responsible Sourcing standards, which is a key value for the Company.