Targets & Progress

People Targets for FY17 People Progress in FY17
Globally launch Becoming Bacardi Mobile Application (in English) across five pilot countries. Make the Becoming Bacardi toolkit materials available in local languages for all countries. Becoming Bacardi is now available in more than 10 countries across all regions. In addition, toolkit materials are available in 10 languages covering all our countries.
Improve communication of Workday resource as an internal search firm for Bacardi employees. Continue to achieve 70% internal hire ratio. While we have improved communication and usage of Workday, and designed the Next Move internal search solution ready for pilot in FY18, our internal hire ratio is still under target and sits at 35.5%.
Develop Women in Leadership (WIL) strategy and plan to ensure gender diversity continues among Bacardi leadership. Strive to maintain 33% of senior management roles held by women. 36% of senior management roles are held by women. We hosted S.H.E. Summits in Miami and New York and launched diversity initiatives in Southern Europe.
Ensure Action Team (grassroots employee led teams who review survey results and build and implement action plans to address areas of greatest interest/concern) presence and engagement in all Bacardi hubs. Run 3rd Global Employee Engagement Survey in January 2017, with "best in class" participation and improved levels of engagement across key indices, including: satisfaction, pride, retention and advocacy. FY17 participation rate in the Global Employee Engagement Survey was 89%, surpassing FY15 participation (86%). Globally 55 Action Teams were established as a result of the FY15 survey. These Action Teams, in addition to organization-wide initiatives, resulted in an increase in all 70 survey categories but one over FY15 results. The engagement index consisting of items relating to satisfaction, pride, retention, and advocacy increased by two percentage points.
Roll-out Company "Coaching to Win" and "Bacardi Ready" internal training to employees to accelerate professional development of employees. Pilot Bacardi Ready in Emerging Markets and run at least 1 Coaching to Win in each region/function. Eighty-one learners participated across seven Coaching to Win workshops in every region/function. Bacardi Ready South Africa included AMEA & APAC regions. We had strong program ratings in terms of both experience and skills enhancement. Bacardi Ready was launched and we also designed a joint graduate development program called ‘Volemos’ (‘to fly’ in Spanish) for Bacardi and its distributor in North America.
Develop Company Human Rights Policy encompassing already existing standards and codes, including Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UNCG, the SDGs, and the ILO, to showcase Bacardi's commitment to workforce and community human rights. Published Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement in compliance with UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. The statement, Bacardi Responsible Sourcing Standards, and our Code of Conduct encompass the Company's commitment to workforce and community human rights.
Build People scorecard to measure yearly KPIs. Indicators will include diversity, internal hire ratio, Becoming Bacardi uptake, Bacardi Ready and other training programs, talent review and succession planning efforts, implementation of Action Team efforts, performance management, and recognition programs. Built and tested People Scorecard. Ready to launch in FY18 and will be used in Q1 across all countries.
People Targets for FY18
Globally embed Becoming Bacardi Mobile Application across all countries. 95% of new hires complete the four elements of Becoming Bacardi in all countries in the first 90 days (Mixology, Development Plans, Buddy, and Becoming Bacardi App).
Pilot Applicant Tracking System to increase our ability to tap into and select internal and external talent for Bacardi. Pilot Next Move solution (a proactive internal headhunting program to explore career interests of Primos after 2+ years in current position).
Maintain current Women in Leadership ratios and expand external presence through S.H.E. Summits to Asia and Latin America. Launch of Women in Leadership mentoring program in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe.
10% of employees globally involved in Action Teams, as a follow-up to the Primos Engagement Survey, in line with FY15 participation. Pulse Surveys deployed on a regional basis.
Continue to expand Coaching to Win through 2 workshops per region or function. In addition, we will certify 13 internal talents with the International Coach Federation (coaching certification body) to ensure high quality delivery. Build internal expertise extending Leadership Insights (a series of intensive diagnostic and coaching experiences at different leadership levels) across the organization. Roll out Bacardi Ready in India. Pilot Volemos and kick off second Rising Stars program.

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