Targets & Progress

FY18 People Targets FY18 People Progress
Globally embed Becoming Bacardi Mobile Application across all countries. 95% of new hires complete the four elements of Becoming Bacardi in all countries in the first 90 days (Mixology, Development Plans, Buddy, and Becoming Bacardi App). This target was not achieved as we ran into challenges in use and monitoring. The Becoming Bacardi Mobile Application is available across all countries; however, we are still under 95% completion for new hires.  
Pilot Applicant Tracking System to increase our ability to tap into and select internal and external talent for Bacardi. Pilot Next Move solution (a proactive internal head-hunting program to explore career interests of employees after more than two years in current position). The new Applicant Tracking System was launched with 64,647 unique candidates in 32 countries posting 549 available roles. The Next Move launch was delayed but will be integrated into talent and succession activities, including tailored job alerts available by country and function, in FY19.
Maintain current Women in Leadership (WIL) ratios and expand external presence through S.H.E. Summit to Asia and Latin America. Launch of Women in Leadership mentoring program in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe. In FY18, 36% of management positions were held by women; 25% of executive positions; and 38% of all positions across the organization. In addition, WIL established a global governance and support structure to ensure successful expansion of activities across all our markets. The expansion of the S.H.E. Summit is in progress, as well as the Women's Empowerment Series. The WIL mentoring program in Eastern Europe resulted in 67% of participating women being promoted to new roles within the company.
10% of employees globally involved in Action Teams, as a follow-up to the Primos Engagement Survey, in line with FY15 participation. Pulse Surveys deployed on a regional basis. There were 65 Action Teams in FY18, representing 8.2% of employees globally. Pulse surveys have been deployed in multiple regions as a follow-up to the Primos Engagement Survey.
Continue to expand Coaching to Win (a development program aimed at building fundamental coaching skills for Bacardi leaders to unlock the performance and potential of their teams) through two workshops per region or function. In addition, we will certify 13 internal talents with the International Coach Federation (coaching certification body) to ensure high quality delivery. Build internal expertise extending Leadership Insights (a series of intensive diagnostic and coaching experiences at different leadership levels) across the organization. Roll out Bacardi Ready in India. Pilot Volemos (a joint graduate development program for Bacardi and its North American distributor) and kick off second Rising Stars program. We expanded Coaching to Win with multiple workshops reaching 300 Primos globally. Eight new coaches participated in the International Coach Federation certification program with each supporting the deployment of Leadership Insights. Pro-bono coaching hours for the new coaches were committed to supporting the NextGen “Shake Your Future” students in Paris. Bacardi Ready was successfully delivered to 25 employees in India. Volemos deployed in North America and Rising Stars (a strategic talent development program focused on new and innovative ideas) relaunched, democratized, and rebranded as the NextGen program.

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