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FY18 Marketplace Targets FY18 Marketplace Progress
Update Bacardi responsible drinking website information to incorporate International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD) facts and other global and local alcohol responsibility resources and link to Include nutritional information on www. Bacardi’s Slow Drinking website was updated to include relevant International Alliance for Responsible Drinking info. In addition, the Bacardi Limited nutrition site was launched which includes nutritional information for products available in four countries in their local language.
Increase percentage of active priority country responsible drinking initiatives, whether in partnership with other industry members or Company led, including enhancing Slow Drinking. Bacardi is active in 86% of priority markets on responsible drinking initiatives. (Examples of these markets include: United States, France, Russia, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico)
Launch updated marketing compliance training module globally for relevant marketing, creative excellence, sales and agency staff to use for new hires and as a yearly refresher for existing employees, with translation available in at least eight languages. The training module was delayed due to updates to the Global Marketing Principles. Now finalized, the module will be housed on the global Human Resources training site to be used by all relevant staff and agencies. In addition, we will work to translate the module into additional languages over the next two years.
Design and launch updated responsible marketing principles for all company staff. New Global Marketing Principles were drafted and although the launch was delayed due to internal review and management changes, the Principles will be communicated out to all Company employees in FY19.
100% use of new digital legal compliance system (Creative Approval Hub) by global marketing, creative excellence, legal teams, and advertising agency personnel to track global marketing campaign compliance approval. Bacardi underwent a change in marketing leadership in FY18 resulting in the development of a new Digital Asset Management system. The new system will incorporate legal compliance and approval workflows when launched in FY19.
Through partnerships with IARD and local Social Aspect Organizations (SAOs) and Trade Associations (TA), increase under the legal drinking age and influencer reach by 20% through responsible drinking initiatives, as measured through the Producers' Commitment reporting. Bacardi reached more than 9.7 million underage individuals and influencers in 2017 with educational materials to prevent underage drinking and promote responsible drinking as measured through the Producers’ Commitment reporting; an increase of 250% from 2016.
100% of marketing agency contracts in compliance with the Producers' Commitments. 100% of marketing agency contracts are in compliance with the Producers' Commitments
100% of traditional and digital media placements by company with at least a 70% minimum legal drinking age audience. As calculated by our media agency partner, we continue to place 100% of traditional and digital advertising in mediums with at least a 70% minimum legal drinking age audience. Often, these numbers are more than 90% for both traditional and digital advertising.
All company products to have at least one responsible drinking website, messaging, or logo on label. All products sold in our priority markets have labels which include a responsible drinking message, logo or website address. 66% of total volume sold contain both responsible drinking messaging and a website address.
Pilot company employee responsible drinking pledge in select countries to ascertain value and viability for potential global roll-out. The responsible drinking pledge was piloted in a few priority markets, including our largest market of the U.S., and made available to all offices/sites through our CR Month activities. We will continue to share the pledge principles to employees through internal communications.
Ensure all six safeguards of the Producers’ Commitments Digital Guiding Principles are in place for all country-level brand social media platforms and websites. An audit, sanctioned by the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking, found that of the countries audited, Bacardi branded social media platforms and websites had a 79% full compliance rate for all safeguards and an average compliance rate of 91%.

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