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Marketplace Targets for FY17 Marketplace Progress in FY17
Launch updated Bacardi responsible drinking website and incorporate site on brand specific websites. We agreed to incorporate responsible drinking site information on every brand-specific website and began the process of including additional responsible drinking information on
Work directly with other industry members to support best practice responsible drinking initiatives in new countries where there are less established SAOs. Conducted a mapping of priority countries to include Company-led and other industry partners’ responsible drinking initiatives in each country. As of FY17, we are active within a social aspect organization (SAO) or trade association’s (TA) responsible drinking initiative in 82% of identified priority countries.
Update Company marketing compliance e-training module in order to better track training completion data. Designed and developed updated e-training module based on Company's Responsible Marketing Principles.
Implement new marketing compliance approval database system for all Company marketing and creative excellence staff and BBDO personnel. System developed and tailored to Company's needs. First trainings for project leaders and relevant staff completed by end of FY17.
Work with IARD and country-level SAOs to better collect evidence of successful underage drinking campaigns and share those in partnership with other SAOs and Trade Associations in order to reach more than 1.8 million underage persons with LDA campaigns, as measured through the Producers' Commitment reporting. Participated on IARD's program committee and worked with their Partnership Council to collect data globally. In FY17 45 Bacardi-supported education programs operating in 17 countries reached 1,148,045 underage individuals and 1,626,814 influencers.
100% of marketing agency contracts are in compliance with the Producers' Commitments. All marketing agency contracts are in compliance with Producers’ Commitments indicators.
100% of ads placed by Company with at least a 70% minimum legal drinking age audience. All traditional and digital media placements by Company had at least a 70% minimum legal drinking age audience (or higher where required).
Incorporate on Company websites and implement plan to include and responsibility messaging or logo on all labels by end of FY 18. Planned, agreed, and developed label revisions that incorporate responsible drinking website, messaging or logo to be placed on all labels by end of FY18.
Marketplace Targets for FY18
Update Bacardi responsible drinking website information to incorporate International Alliance for Responsible Drinking facts info and other global and local alcohol responsibility resources, and link to Include nutritional information on
Increase percentage of active priority country responsible drinking initiatives, whether in partnership with other industry members or Company led, including enhancing Slow Drinking.
Launch updated marketing compliance training module globally for relevant marketing, creative excellence, sales and agency staff to use for new hires and as a yearly refresher for existing employees, with translation available in at least eight languages.
Design and launch updated responsible marketing principles for all Company staff.
100% use of new digital legal compliance system (Creative Approval Hub) by global marketing, creative excellence, legal teams, and BBDO personnel to track global marketing campaign compliance approval.
Through partnerships with IARD and local SAOs and TAs, increase LDA and influencer reach by 20% through responsible drinking initiatives, as measured through the Producers' Commitment reporting.
100% of marketing agency contracts in compliance with the Producers' Commitments.
100% of traditional and digital media placements by Company with at least a 70% minimum legal drinking age audience.
All Company products to have at least one responsible drinking website, messaging, or logo on label.
Pilot Company employee responsible drinking pledge in select countries to ascertain value and viability for potential global roll-out.
Ensure all six safeguards of the Producers’ Commitments Digital Guiding Principles are in place for all country-level brand social media platforms and websites.

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