Our Corporate Responsibility Program

Our overall aim is to achieve a leading Corporate Responsibility position for Bacardi. We will do this by developing and delivering a Corporate Responsibility program that is best in class.

Our Five Key Pillars

Within our Corporate Responsibility program, there are five pillars reflecting our main areas of activity. The table below introduces the five pillars. More information can be found in each pillar section of this report.

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We strive for a safer and more sustainable business environment to market and sell our products. We will achieve this by adhering to applicable laws, regulations and partnering with our competitors and others in responsibility campaigns and initiatives to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Pillar Overview:
Drinking alcohol is a matter of personal choice, and most consumers choose to drink in moderation. Alcohol can cause harm, however, if it is misused. Encouraging responsible decision-making by legal drinking age consumers and discouraging inappropriate consumption of our products is, therefore, a key priority for Bacardi. It is the focus of our activity within the Marketplace pillar.

Our ambition is to be best in class in promoting responsible drinking and in ensuring that we market our products in a responsible way. To this end, we aim to build on the recognition already received for our award-winning, responsible drinking campaigns and to continue to uphold our excellent record of compliance with responsible marketing codes.

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Measuring the results

0 marketing code violations found


We have a responsibility to minimize environmental impacts across our value chain and to ensure our people are safe at work. These key business objectives, reduce risk, increase efficiency and make sound business sense.

Pillar Overview:
Our values of Excellence and Caring underpin our goal to achieve bestin- class environmental and safety performance. Most of our products’ environmental impacts are in our supply chain – and we work in our own facilities and with our suppliers to reduce impacts and risks across our whole value chain. Ensuring the safety of our employees is of vital importance to us.

Within the Environment, Health and Safety pillar, we have developed a new environmental sustainability strategy that will guide us in creating industryleading programs to reduce our environmental impact. From a safety point of view, we have a long-term vision for an accident-free Bacardi.

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Measuring the results


Reduction in GHG emissions since the benchmark was set in 2006.


Reduction on the LTA Rate in our manufacturing sites compared to FY2014.


We source high-quality ingredients and raw materials from many countries around the world, including those where achieving good workplace standards, environmental protection and sound governance can be complex.

Pillar Overview:
Our vision for Responsible Sourcing is for all of our raw materials and packaging to come from sustainably sourced, renewable or recycled materials – reducing environmental and social impacts, while maintaining or enhancing the economic status of growers and suppliers. Our Responsible Sourcing program, now in its sixth year, aims to deliver this vision.

Bacardi's Responsible Sourcing standards outline the standards we require of our suppliers in the areas of labor, human rights, health and safety, environment and business integrity. We ensure that our suppliers comply with our standards through our internal procurement processes or by suppliers’ membership in Sedex®, the database for sharing supplier information on ethical business practices.

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Measuring the results


Sugarcane-derived products covered by either an EU or US recognized certification


We are on track to ensure that at least 40% of the sugarcane-derived products used to make BACARDI Rum will be from certified, sustainable sources by 2017


We aim to connect and align all of our employees across the globe behind one set of values, strategies and common ways of working.

Pillar Overview:
Our People strategy is built on the belief that outstanding people will deliver excellent results. To Bacardi, outstanding people make talented and engaged employees who are valued for their individual contributions to their teams and to the Company. By demonstrating high-level performance in addition to a commitment to our values of trust, passion, caring and excellence are crucial, our people are the best ambassadors for our brands and our Company.

Within the People pillar, we believe that performance and values are equally important in delivering results. We are building a culture where Performance + Values equal Yes – that is P + V = Y – Yes for Performance and Yes for Values.

We continue to strive to support, engage and inspire our People. Our goal is to build on our local recognition awards and become globally recognized, both internally and externally, as a great place to work.

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Measuring the results


of our employees are proud to work for Bacardi.


of our employees attended Women in Leadership (WIL) awareness sessions


Bacardi has a more than 150-year history of quality, excellence, ethics and social involvement. These values were important to our founder, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, and are still important to us today.

Pillar Overview:
As part of the Bacardi commitment to the communities where it operates, employees are encouraged to participate in programs and activities on behalf of the Company. This participation by employees increases the public’s awareness of the nature and extent of Bacardi community involvement and also generates among our people a strong sense of pride in themselves and in our Company.

Within the Philanthropy and Community Involvement pillar, we engage our employees – and through their participation, raise awareness of our approach to Corporate Responsibility. We hold a global flagship community event each calendar year. Initiatives are managed by local operations, which are closer to their communities. We provide support in four broad areas:
• arts and culture
• education
• environment
• health, social services and disaster assistance

Philanthropy and Community Involvement

Measuring the results

9,610 hours

Bacardi employees in 37 countries around the world contributed 9,610 hours of their time in FY2015.