Bacardi’s Global Standards on Responsible Sourcing apply to all suppliers providing goods and/or services to Bacardi Limited.


Bacardi’s Global Procurement Director is responsible for the implementation of the Company’s Global Responsible Sourcing Policy and Standards and reports on such practices to the Bacardi Executive Committee via the Vice President of Global Operations.

Global and local procurement managers have operational responsibility for the implementation of the policy with suppliers.

Business unit heads have responsibility for ensuring internal compliance with the policy within their areas.


Suppliers shall enter into contracts with Bacardi which contain, among other provisions, terms on Responsible Sourcing wherever appropriate.

Bacardi will work collaboratively with its suppliers on the implementation of the Responsible Sourcing Standards which may include joint audits and site visits to assess performance against the Standards.

Suppliers will be asked to provide Bacardi with reasonable access to all relevant information and premises for the purposes of assessing performance against the Policy, as well as use reasonable endeavors to ensure that subcontractors follow the Responsible Sourcing Standards accordingly.

Bacardi is committed to work collaboratively with industry partners, government organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and trade unions to maximize implementation effectiveness and use the most relevant techniques to assess policy adherence.


Bacardi will report progress on its program to implement the Responsible Sourcing Policy and Standards via this website. View report.


Bacardi will communicate and promote its Responsible Sourcing Policy and Standards internally and externally to relevant stakeholders.

Suppliers are expected to promote the policy to their staff and subcontractors.

Bacardi and its suppliers will take proactive steps to ensure relevant people are provided with appropriate training and guidelines to support the communication of the policy.

Audit & Compliance points

Bacardi will ensure the proper implementation of and compliance with the standards set forth in its policy through measures deemed appropriate. This may include on- site inspection of suppliers’ facilities, practices and self-assessment questionnaires.

Suppliers are expected to identify and correct any activities that conflict with Bacardi’s Responsible Sourcing Policy and Standards.

Suppliers shall immediately report to Bacardi, through the procurement manager or local business unit head, any serious breaches of the policy with an agreed schedule for corrective action.

Where serious breaches of the policy persist, Bacardi will consider termination of the business relationship with the supplier.

Bacardi and its suppliers will use reasonable endeavors to provide employees and other stakeholders with confidential means to report any actual or potential breach of the policy.