"In the last year, we have reaffirmed our commitment to embedding RS within the Procurement function by providing more training for our Global Direct Spend and Point-of-Sale (POS) Procurement teams. We also undertook a thorough review and updating of our RS standards and Supplier Code of Practice, which has made our RS process easier to manage."
DAVE HOWSON , Global Sustainability Director

Bacardi Limited is committed to sustainably sourcing all of its raw materials and packaging. Our Responsible Sourcing program aims to deliver this vision.

Our Responsible Sourcing risk assessment identifies the risk level associated with the raw materials used in our responsibly sourced products and the suppliers we source from; and we focus first on the areas with the highest risk of environmental and social challenges.

For the Company, sugarcane is a key raw material with high risk, as we use a range of ingredients derived from sugarcane. Molasses, for example, is one of the main ingredients in our flagship BACARDÍ Rum brand. With such a strong association with our business, over the past five years, we have focused on improving the sustainability of the sugarcane supply chain.

We are an active supporter and founding member of Bonsucro™, the multi-stakeholder forum focused on improving social, environmental and agricultural standards in the sugarcane industry. Bonsucro™ covers the whole supply chain, from farmer to end user.

We have set a target that is an industry first and a first among members
 of Bonsucro™. Bacardi Limited is committed to sourcing 100% of its
 sugarcane-derived products from sustainably-certified sources by 2022
 and to making sure that evidence of this is externally verified. Bonsucro is our preferred standard.

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Global Sustainability Director