Bacardi Limited Global Marketing Principles

The updated Global Marketing Principles were announced at a global marketing conference attended by our top 150 commercial managers in fiscal 2014.

Principle 1
All Bacardi Limited companies and employees must comply with the laws, regulations and self-regulatory codes applicable to their marketing and promotional practices.
Principle 2
All marketing and promotional practices will present the responsible enjoyment of alcoholic beverages and will not encourage the misuse of alcohol through the presentation of excessive consumption or situations where irresponsible consumption is accepted.
Principle 3
All Bacardi Limited products will provide clear information on alcohol content. A message of responsible enjoyment will be included on commercial communications, as well as on all Bacardi Limited products.
Principle 4
The content and placement of all marketing and promotional practices will be directed toward consumers of the required legal age to purchase alcohol beverages in the relevant markets, and will avoid associations with images and music that would appeal primarily to underage individuals.
Principle 5
All marketing and promotional practices will support the safe consumption of alcohol beverages and will not associate the consumption of alcohol beverages with any potentially dangerous activity, such as driving motorized vehicles, operating machinery or performing hazardous athletic activities.
Principle 6
Corporate communications may recognize reputable evidence of the physical benefits from moderate alcohol consumption, but marketing activities will not claim medicinal or performance properties for Bacardi products.
Principle 7
Marketing and promotional practices will not be associated with any individual or group behavior that is antisocial, violent or destructive.
Principle 8
All marketing and promotional practices must be in good taste and must not contain indecent, demeaning or insulting materials.
Principle 9
We recognize the digital space is an alternative community for consumers to network, communicate and comment on products and services. We aim to uphold our legal commitments and be honest, transparent and truthful in our marketing materials to ensure that none of our communications attempts to mislead our consumers. Consumer privacy in the digital space should be observed at all times.