Policies, Standards & Codes Of Practice

Bacardi has always worked to produce its premium-quality spirits consistent with high environmental, health and safety standards.

We have formalized this into a Global EHS Policy and related Standards. The Global Policy reflects the company’s values with regard to protecting the environment and natural resources, the health and safety of our people, and the welfare of others impacted by our business.

The Global Standards identify the focus areas for the company’s EHS programs and establish Bacardi’s position on issues including Health & Safety, Environmental Protection and Resource Conservation. They commit us to action to achieve a high level of performance in each of the focus areas. They also address the EHS management systems necessary to support operational discipline and continual improvement throughout the company.

To ensure conformance with the Global Standards, Codes of Practice have been developed that define the required performance elements and operational controls.

A detailed system of site audits is used to assess compliance with the Bacardi Codes of Practice. The implementation of the Codes of Practice by our sites is tracked as a performance measure and where analysis of past incidents identifies a need, sites are directed to focus on compliance with the Code of Practice concerned.

A total of 22 Codes have now been developed and implemented.